Robert Madison Book
“Designing Victory,” a memoir by Robert P. Madison with Carlo Wolff, was released April 9 by Act 3, a media and publishing organization in Cleveland. (Photo Courtesy of Act 3 LLC)
Henry Wilcots and Lou Kahn
The Philadelphia Inquirer The overlooked African American architect who completed Louis Kahn's masterpiece Updated: AUGUST 13, 2017 — 6:38 PM EDT
Architecture and Advocacy
Robert T. Coles, FAIA
Dark Space Architecture, Representation, Black Identity
Columbia Books on Architecture and the City by Mario Goode
Meet the Architects Behind Detroit’s Next Act
Meet the Architects Behind Detroit’s Next Act Maurice Cox and R. Steven Lewis are designing a new way forward for the Motor City. STORY BY Aaron FoleyTwitter PHOTOGRAPHY BY Alan Chin PUBLISHED ON Mar 13, 2017 Facebook Twitter Email
Clair Jones, Architect in Memphis, TN
Robert R. Taylor and Tuskegee: An African American Architect Designs for Booker T. Washington
by Ellen Weiss with Intro by Henry Louis Gates
Images ofAfrican American Architects
See this comprehensive image gallery of many of the African American Architects who have been movers and shakers in the profession over the past (at least) thirty years:
Robert R. Taylor and Tuskegee: An African American Architect Designs for Booker T. Washington is available through your favorite local or online retailer, or from NewSouth Books, 334-834-3556, or at ISBN: 978-1-58838-248-1 Trade cloth, 304 pgs., $45.00.
Pioneering Black Architects in North Carolina
Images of African American Architects
See the following web site for Biographical data on people (current and past) and important buildings.
The Aesthetics of Equity: Notes on Race, Space, Architecture, and Music
Craig L. Wilkins; University of Minnesota Press; 2007
Twisted: African-American Architects and Signature Commissions
AIA Archiblog by Craig Wilkins, PhD.; See
Discovering African Identity in African-American Architecture: Part II
Young African American Women Architects Sharpen Ties to Their Communities
The Trail Blazers:Six Profiles
�Declining Enrollments of Blacks in Schools of Architecture�; The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education; Spring 1999; P. 35-38
Structural Inequality: Black Architects in the United States
Victoria Kaplan; Rowman & Littlefield Publ.; June 2006
Design for Diversity, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity
Anthony, Kathryn; Urbana and Chicago; Univ. of Illinois Press; 2001
20 on 20/20 Vision: Perspectives on Diversity and Design
Kiisk, Linda (editor); AIA Diversity Committee and Boston Society of Architects; 2003
The Call of the Ancestors
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African Architecture: Evolution and Transformation
Elleh, Nnamdi; McGraw-Hill; 1997
Architecture and Power in Africa
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Abuja: The Single Most Ambitious Urban Design Project of the 20th Century
Elleh, Nnamdi; VDG; 2002
Paul R. Williams: A Legacy of Style
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Afrocentric Architecture
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The Crisis of the African American Architect
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African American Architects in Current Practice
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African American Architects; A Biographical Dictionary, 1865-1945
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Black Architects: Embracing and Defining
Ebony; Oct. 2005; p. 108-112
Two Men, One Vision: Architects Phil Freelon and Gary Bowden have teamed up to bring Balt. new Afr.
Baltimore Sun; Edward Gunts; June 5, 2005
For African-Americans, a Chance to Draft History
New York Times; Fred Bernstein; June 24, 2004
Architect (J. Max Bond) finds his way to remember Sept. 11th
Washington Post; Lynne Duke; July 11, 2004